Decoding Desire:

3 Month Mentorship Journey to Becoming your Most Expressed, Embodied and Empowered Self

How to create the money, sex and life you really want (without burning yourself out).

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You’re here because…

You know you want more out of your life (even though you constantly tell yourself you “should” be grateful for what you have) but it’s overwhelming to know where to start .

You have a “good” job but it’s not lighting you up the way it used to and you’re feeling out of alignment.

You want to feel more intimacy and turned on/authentic connection in your relationships, whether that's with your current partner or you’re currently searching for “the one.”

You’re able to accomplish a lot in your career and life yet at the end of the day (as you collapse on the couch with a bottle of wine) you can’t help thinking you might not be as fulfilled as you want to be.

You want to experience massive abundance in your life…to be financially feel free, play big, travel wide, and have a cozy home you love.

You’re not feeling confident in your skin or satisfied in your fast paced life, and you’re ready to make a change…now!


Feeling fully expressed and embodied in your life, knowing deep down you can have anything you desire and feel more in love with your life than ever.

You fully trust your intuition and feel confident in your voice, your body, your power.

You live a life full of play, freedom, love, creativity, abundance and pleasure.

You are turned on in sex, feel safe to express yourself in the bedroom and are tuned into what feels pleasurable for your body.

You have more than enough money in the bank to buy organic food, take care of all your expenses, and even book an impromptu trip to Bali.

You take time for yourself, your home space feels sacred and you have a grounding self-care practice, all of which give you energy and presence throughout your days.

You have nourishing relationships, purposeful career, and a soulful connection to your higher power.

If you’ve found your way here, you’re meant for more than a traditional life, you’re meant to experience amazing sex, money, relationships and connection to your higher power in a whole new way.

And it IS possible,
You just need to learn the secret to decoding your desires AND have the right tools to make them a reality.

When you don’t know how to decode your desires:

You feel resentful in your relationships .

You find it hard to speak up and express yourself at work and in your relationships for what you really want.

You often feel like you are “performing” or “pretending” at work but aren’t sure how to step into your authentic leadership without “rocking the boat”.

You feel disconnected from your body, energetically and emotionally drained, have low self-confidence but you don’t give yourself time or space for self-care or self-love to fill yourself up.

You feel burnt out, anxious and overwhelmed at work and out of balance in your personal life which makes you feel powerless and stuck.

You feel like everyone else has what you want, which makes you feel jealous and are convinced you could never actually have it.

You are fearful of making change in your life because of what everyone will think .

As you learn how to decode your desires...

You become more confident, aligned in your purpose, set better boundaries, you’re tuned into your energy and connect to what your body truly needs.

You are abundant in time, energy and money and life is fun, free and playful.

You slow down to feel, you lean into a sisterhood community and you build nourishing relationships that fulfill you on a level you’ve never experienced before.

You are tuned into what feels pleasurable in your body and having the best sex of your life.

You build your own relationship to a higher power, know that everything is happening for you, for your highest good.

You are clear on what you desire in your life and believe you can manifest what seemed like, at one point in life, your wildest dreams.

You fully embody your essence, your purpose, your power.

You are able to listen to your intuition, feel your from your heart and follow your desires.



Understand and get clear on what you want in life.

Step one

Remove the blocks to getting it.

Step two

Fully embody and express your desires (AKA have the best life ever).

Step three

Decoding desire


A 3 month journey to...

My unique method helps you get clear on what you want, deeply connect to your intuition and embody the woman you want to become AND take the practical steps to apply this to your career, life, and relationships to create more money, better intimacy, deep connection, a life full of pleasure, play and adventure (without your friends and family thinking you’ve lost it).

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In these 3 months together we will:


Create clarity on what you desire and want in your life. Tune into what your intuition is whispering. Learn how to envision the woman you are becoming, see yourself as her and believe you can have it so that you can live your most expressed, empowered, fun and abundant life. 


Learn my simple method for creating more space in your schedule, your living space, your body and mind to manifest everything you are calling into your life. You’ll gain more energy, clarity, time and your day and absolutely fall in LOVE with your home (even if it feels like a disaster right now) and turn it into a sacred sanctuary.


We will move, release and integrate stuck energy that is stored in the body through embodiment exercises. Self-pleasure, heart opening and body clearing will allow your energy to alchemize from pain to pleasure so you can live your purest life.


Learn how to show up as a leader and make a meaningful impact. Overcome self-doubt, over-giving, people pleasing, perfectionism and burnout in order to show up as an empowered leader who can make a difference in your community. 


Creating a balance of feminine and masculine energy is so important to how we show up at work, in our relationships and to receive everything we desire in our life. This week we will look at how to integrate our masculine and feminine energy so that you can magnetize your dream partner, create more magic in your current relationship or get more done with a sense of ease and flow. 


Understand the tools and practices to prioritize yourself first so you can relate consciously with family, friends, partners and colleagues. When you learn to have boundaries, self-care, take responsibility and surrender, you can create nourishing, grounded and long lasting relationships. 


Bring your personal brand to life through embodying what you stand for and create an abundance of money, time and energy through your own authentic message. 


This step is about connecting to a higher power. When you believe everything is happening for you, we can trust and surrender that we are supported and connected to a divine purpose in life which allows you to relax, feel at ease and not be a victim to your circumstance.


This week we will alchemize all of your new tools and learnings together so you can fully express yourself, calm your mind and manifest your greatest desires.

This is for you if you...

This is NOT for you if you...

Are a woman entrepreneur or in a leadership position, who is a high achiever but feeling burnt out by always “doing” in your masculine energy and want to slow down and connect to your feminine energy.

Have big desires but feel blocked by limiting beliefs and fears on how to bring them to life.

Are looking to create more fulfilling relationships, with self, with intimate partners, family, friends, colleagues, and your higher power.

Want to unleash your creativity, sensuality and feminine magic.

Love to have space in your home that feels clear, cleansed and aesthetically pleasing

Feel completely satisfied with by life and what is, without a deep yearning for more.

You hate doing self-development work and don't value going deeper to get to the root of things.

Want a quick fix or band aid solution.

You aren’t willing to try new things to get a new result.

How it works:

This is a 3-month 1:1 Mentorship and Coaching container 
We will meet 3x a month for 3 months (for a total of 12 sessions).

Each session will be a 60 minute Private Live Zoom Session.

Between sessions you’ll have action steps to complete PLUS accountability and support through Whatsapp or email.







One private session with guest teacher focused on moving energy in your body so you can show up clear and expressed.

Bonus Materials & Resources

Meditations to create grounding, presence and a clear mind.

Journaling prompts to reflect on intentions, celebrations, desires and gratitudes.

Weekly actions and home play practices to integrate and alchemize each session.

Recommended reading for additional support on practices and teachings.

Access to any group programs that are run during your time in the Decoding Desire 1:1 Mentorship  

Are you ready to create the money, sex, and life you really want (and know you deserve ;))?

Let’s connect and see if this might be the right fit for you!

Here’s what to do next. 


Step One

 Click the button below and pick a time to have a Connection Call that works for your schedule.


Step Two

We’ll connect over Zoom, get you super clear on what it is that you want for your body, relationships, career and life, discover EXACTLY what is holding you back and how to move forward.


Step Three

If we both decide we are the right fit, I can share with you ways we can work together and get you the life you desire.

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PIF Bonus

1 payment of $3,000

Payment Plan

x3 payments of $1,111


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such dynamic business, professional and personal growth services to me and so many other woman. The tools, resources, shared practices, tips and techniques shared not only aided in my improvement of my social media page, but immensely supported my personal growth and all the ways in which I react to lifes challenges or stressors. You're an amazing business and yes, life coach! I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress you've helped me make. I truly believe that I wouldnt be navigating one of the most difficult experiences in my life as well as I am - without the support and guidance I garnered from you. Thank you Whit!"

"Whitney, I can't thank you enough for offering

- Deneen Von

She created such a safe space for massive expansion and discovery. She listened without judgement, and provided potent feedback and guidance. It was such a pleasure to work with her and the results have been lasting. I am more grounded and connected than I have ever been."

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Whitney last year and wow she is magical!

- Jake Kelly-Campbell

Love Notes

I am proof that you can go from always “doing” and achieving, to slowing down, connecting to just “being” and still creating everything you desire. 

I discovered the code for decoding my desires: I got clear on what I really wanted for my life, started looking at the beliefs and blocks that were preventing me from having it and started to fully embody and express everything I desire.

I'm Whitney Eve, Women’s Empowerment & Embodiment Mentor and Marketing Executive living bi-coastally between Vermont and California. 

As a feminine leader, I am committed to supporting women in bringing feminine embodied power and expression into intimacy, relationships, business and home. 

Are you ready to create the money, sex, and life you really want (and know you deserve ;))?

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