My Vision for the world is that every woman is living a fully expressed, empowered and embodied life.

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A Women’s Holistic Lifestyle Mentor and Coach living in Vermont. 

As a feminine leader, I am committed to supporting women in bringing feminine embodied power and expression into intimacy, relationships, business and home. 

Hi, I’m Whitney!

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Decoding Desire

Embark in a 3 month mentorship journey to becoming your most expressed, embodied and empowered self.

Decoding Desire

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Becoming Magnetic

A 4 month container to elevating your self-worth, amplifying your inner magnetism, and manifesting your greatest desires.

Becoming Magnetic

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Lioness in leadership

3-month Leadership Immersion to Living on Purpose, Deepening Your Relationships, Amplifying Your Wealth, and Creating the Life You Really Want! 

Lioness in Leadership

Reawaken wonder, nurture your creative spirit and connect to your feminine power

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Love Note

Her laugh is contagious. In her coaching, she could always temper this bubbliness and remain quiet at times just listening in order to do what was needed in the moment for the group, which I think it the sign of a good coach. She coached a group of 4 people I was in and used her intuition to guide her. She has a lot of patience with people in the group and I left each session empowered and filled with light. And Whitney is pure light. Jump into her container and you'll be privileged to be exposed to such a light." 

"Whitney brings so much joy and vibrancy.

- Kendall Wallace

She created such a safe space for massive expansion and discovery. She listened without judgement, and provided potent feedback and guidance. It was such a pleasure to work with her and the results have been lasting. I am more grounded and connected than I have ever been."

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Whitney last year and wow she is magical!

- Jake kelly-campbell

She tunes into the atmosphere - letting energy fly high and then inviting you to drop into the present. There’s a balance of structure and safety with the ability to flow with what’s coming up in the moment."

"Whitney is amazing at facilitating experiences and holding space.

 - Lindy Burch-Durkee


Ready to holistically feel inspired, activated and turned on by life? In the blog, find loving tips, insights, practices and some of my favorite products to support you in living a fully expressed, empowered and embodied! 

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