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3-month Leadership Immersion to Living on Purpose, Deepening Your Relationships, Amplifying Your Wealth, and Creating the Life You Really Want! 

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The Lioness is the fierce symbol of feminine power, strength and grace. She is balanced in both her masculine and feminine energy to both dream and execute on her greatest desires. When you embody the Lioness in your life, relationships and wealth, it changes everything. You lead a life of purpose, with the tenacity and grit to see it through. 

  • You’re devoted to living a rich, alive and fulfilling life.

  • You’re ready to take your life to the next level by making bold moves, dedicating your time, energy and resources to your biggest vision yet.

  • You want to take full responsibility for the trajectory of your life, live from a heart-centered place and align to your greater purpose.

  • You’re incredibly self-aware and know you can have it all, but need support and practice in holding it all with ease, joy and love (especially when life becomes challenging).

  • You experience moments of fear or self-doubt but are committed to moving through the discomfort, so that you can live life in full trust, have faith in the unknown and believe in the infinite possibilities available to you.

  • You desire to embody leadership in every area of your life (relationships, career, spirituality) and you know that investing in yourself and being held accountable will help you get to your next level. 

You're here because...


  • You know who you are at your core, you have clarity on what you want in your life and you’re ready to take the aligned, bold and inspired action towards your big dreams and desires.

  • You are self-led and the conscious creator of your reality, leading with love, making an impact, feeling clear and confident in every area of your life, through challenges and uncomfortable moments.

  • You’re connected in your body, mind and spirit and present to the richness of your life, your experiences and your relationships.

  • You are tuned into your higher self and divine purpose, trust in your desires, and have the courage to create the most aligned vision you have for your life.

  • Your life has become a direct reflection of the impact you want to make in the world. You have stepped fully into your leadership in your career, you show up as the person you want to be in your relationships, and you are proud of who you are in the world.

You are an aspiring heart-led leader who is ready to make this your best year yet by making big and bold moves. You’re ready to be living in true alignment, abundance and success in every area of your life.

You know who you are, what you want to create, how you want to show up in life, the impactful energy you hold and how to take inspired action to have even greater success. 

At the same time, there is fear and resistance to actually having it all. You find yourself playing small, staying stuck, or not quite bridging the gap between where you are now and who you want to be in the world. 

You sometimes doubt if you have the time, energy, space or money to go after what you really want. You’ve held back because you’re not sure how to take the leap, afraid to start over and be a beginner again and at times, doubt you are worthy or able to have all you desire.

But deep down you know you’re ready to take your life to the next level, move through the fear with bravery and HAVE IT ALL.

You’re ready to be the conscious creator and visionary in the new paradigm of your life - in business, community, relationships. It’s time to turn up the richness and depth in a very real and inspiring way. You are willing to get uncomfortable, hold the duality of life, be guided and held masterfully to live life to its fullest potential.

You’re here because you know you want more and you’re meant for more, you’re just not sure how to hold it ALL. 

This is a next-level group container where you will be asked the bigger questions, lovingly held as you navigate the tough spots, fiercely believed in, and held accountable to who you want to be in the world.

Lioness in Leadership is for the heart-led and soul centered women. She is ready to holistically live on purpose, fully connected to her power, thriving in relationships and abundant in all areas of life, love and business. 


Lioness In


When you don’t take the time to get REALLY clear on what you want, it’s easy for things to feel “good” but sense that something is “off” or we aren’t living the life we are truly capable of. Life is about living and experiencing it all - the joy and pleasure, love and success, abundance and richness. When you are living on purpose, you no longer feel stuck, confused or drained. You have the clarity, courage and energy to really go after everything you want in life. It’s a radical practice to make bold moves toward having it all but you are here to move through the fears with faith and devote your time and energy to knowing what it takes to have and hold it all. This month we will get clear on what alignment looks like for you: in life, love and business. Then, you will start creating constancy and taking inspired action to see results. You will learn how to step into your leadership in life, career and business so that you can feel confident and powerful in living on purpose.

Living on Purpose

Month 1

Here is what we’ll cover:

Learn how to create mind-blowing intimacy and epic love through understanding how to master communication, how to get your needs met without feeling “needy”, and becoming a skillful practitioner of pure presence, communication and pleasure. We will practice consistently tuning into feelings, sharing openly and lovingly, so the universe and the people in our lives respond to that energy. We will look at challenges and discomfort as the opportunity to grow and bravely lead yourself and others to a life of connection, intimacy and growth.

Conscious Relating & Intimacy

Month 2

Learn how to embody wealth in every area of your life and simple tools to become an energetic match for more income so that you can earn more with ease. We will practice getting curious with money, understanding the beliefs we have about money and really tune into the richness of our lives. Our energy, our environment, the people who inspire us, the love we have and the purpose and mission we hold can make us feel like the wealthiest women in the world. You will become an energetic match for abundance in time, energy, space, money and love, and learn to hold it ALL with ease. 

Becoming the Worthy, Wealthy Women 

Month 3

  • You desire a high-level container of like minded women that will get you high-level results, in every area of your life

  • You don’t do surface, want to want to dive deep and address the root cause that creates real change 

  • You know you do best with a container of support and consistent accountability, where you are held, seen, supported and celebrated every step of the way

  • You are self-led, devoted to your vision and know that you are responsible for creating your life 

This is for you

  • Only want to “dabble” in Leadership but you aren’t willing to put in the work to create big changes and abundance in your life

  • Feel completely satisfied with life and what is, without a deep yearning for more 

  • Dislike self-development work and don't value going deeper to get to the root of things

  • Want a quick fix or Band Aid solution 

  • Aren’t willing to try new things to get a new result

This is NOT for you

In this 3-month High-Level Group Immersion, we’ll meet 3x per month to support you in seeing results in every area of your life

Group Immersion

The Details

Our LIVE calls take place Tuesdays from 4-5:30 EST, Starting March 21st, 2023 (if you can’t make the live call a recording will be provided)

LIVE Calls

Be part of a sisterhood where you will feel connected, supported and held accountable


Ask questions, share breakthroughs and receive support between calls using our private Whatsapp thread


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1:1 Leadership Session with Whithney

In this session Whitney will guide you to dive deeper into what you desire to call into your life.

Group Sessions

Two group sessions with very special guest teachers to support you in Embodied Leadership


In this session Whitney will guide you to dive deeper into what you desire to call into your life.

Journaling Prompts

In this session Whitney will guide you to dive deeper into what you desire to call into your life.

Weekly Actions & Play practices

In this session Whitney will guide you to dive deeper into what you desire to call into your life.

Recommended reading

In this session Whitney will guide you to dive deeper into what you desire to call into your life.

“You helped me see life more clearly and made me feel so seen and heard”

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Sarah Heartfield, @sarahashley1189

“I laid out some really clear desires and intentions with you. I am so blown away how they have manifested. I love you and your work is so on purpose and inspiring Whit”

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Ellen Adams, owner of @zippychicks



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“My Vision for the world is that every woman is living a fully expressed, empowered and embodied life.” 

Hi, I am Whitney Eve, a Women’s Empowerment & Embodiment Mentor and Life Leader living in Vermont.. 

As a feminine leader, I am committed to supporting women in bringing feminine embodied power and expression into intimacy, relationships, business and home.  

You get to have everything you desire: nourishing relationships, a purposeful career and a soulful connection to spirit. You can live a life of play, freedom, love, creativity, abundance and pleasure that brings you back to your truth, deep feminine essence and complete fulfillment. 

My unique method helps you get clear on what you want, deeply connect to your intuition, embody the woman you want to become. I combine potent spiritual/energetic practices with practical steps to help you create more money, deeper intimacy, and a life full of pleasure, play and adventure (without your friends and family thinking you’ve lost it).

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